Sofia is an award-winning photographer, designer and the founder of Spiral Art Design. She has over thirteen years of professional experience and her work can be found in magazines, newspapers, books, websites, homes and businesses around the world. Sofia’s passion for photography and her love for travel is evident in her work. This Chicago native has a unique style and strives to capture emotion in every photograph. Explore Spiral Art Design, itʼs more than photography…itʼs Art!

A lover of the arts since childhood, whether it be drawing, painting, graphic design or photography, Sofia Spentzas established Spiral Art Design to finally share her creative eye with the world. A graduate of Roosevelt University with degrees in both Marketing and Art, this computer savvy freelance graphic artist and photographer seems to have no limits when it comes to design. With her passion for photography as well as her love for travel, today she is able to share with you amazing photography of beautiful places around the world.

In addition to photography, Spiral Art Design also offers Marketing services such as: logo design, brochures, business cards, social media marketing, print ads & other marketing materials. Take a look!

“I’m always trying new ways of expressing my creative side, and even though my passion lies heavily in my photography, I hope I never stop learning.”

Sofia Spentzas-Tranchitella